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be standing in the area of the collapse, two new restaurants were destroyed and there are another had only been open for a week. >> this is everybody isn't here. the whole family you know how unemployment is hard now. our whole family is together. >> and whether or not they can recover and reopen will depend on insurance payment autos in north richmond frkts trying to figure out if lightning sparked this fire around 2:00 this morning near giant road. crew arrived and vehicles were engulfed. the fire department says this there was lightning the area before the call came in. >> san francisco giants on the way to defeating reds in game
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four and they're in the top of the 8th now. >> this is three overcoming a short the outing and there is abc 7 news reporter is right by at and t park. vans have got to be loving it. >> they're loving it. the first batter for the giants hit that home run and fans have been excited ever since. there is where we are live and also, next door. there is what we know is that this started at 1:07 people decided to have a late lunch or early dinner. i don't know. they're hoping that giants
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will close them off. you know odds are against them. they won yesterday and they're ahead now. encouraging was to see tim lincecum coming in as a relief pitcher. many clapping and cheering him on. this gave them hope. >> i hope they can pull it off. >> i am not going to say anything yet. i have a good feeling. >> and how about lincecum. >> i want today's game to be over already and there is some good hitting. >> and some people brought lap tops and work from the far and there is st. anthony's serving lunch also extended their
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hours so that is a nice touch. everybody here is a giants fan, we all know that people are cheering and rooting for a's. my colleague is as well. so go achl l.a's and go, ginlts. let me keep that close. and not sure which to wear right now. >> you can wear them both. >> there is last night keeping their hopes alive. and there is laura anthony. what is going on here? >> there is no cap. they've just announced giants score here on the loud speaker,
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folks happy about that. there are people rooting for both teams and it's okay, really. you can see there is folks lining up. many wearing green, gold. all ready to recreate magic of last night. there is now that they're back home, looks like magic is back and there is fans all 37,000 of them ready to do it again tonight. >> there is signs in the car and everything. >> what is that letter on the side of your head? what are they going to do tonight? >> management is trying to clear up confusion over the way tickets were printed by major league baseball. some turned away which showing up thinking they that had tickets. but they were for a's home
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games number three. there are officials saying make sure you look carefully. >> this is when you're making sure it's home game number two. >> and there are folks lining up. and this game is sold out. they're expecting another standing room only crowd. those wishing to get in may have to go to places like craig's list and they're selling for way over face value. tomorrow's game i'm told there are a thousand tickets left for that game. >> we've got to get you properly attired okay? >> that is the game shirt back on. >> there is bottom of the 8th.
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if they win it sets up a do or die situation in game five. >> exciting. >> yes. >> happening now live doppler 7 shows thunderstorms there is one near gilroy. >> there is active weather and this is confined to the south bay. there are three thunderstorm cells here and there is another with lucky strikes here and there is a smaller cell there is a significant weather advisory for santa cruz county. there is this cell moving away towards northwest at about 20 miles per hour and there is a smaller cell into san jose area just south moving into
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the general direction of santa clara and sunnyvale. seems to be weakening. the forecast calls for showers continuing into the south bay and there is diminishing as the sun goes down. cloudy skies tomorrow morning and there is sun breaking through in the afternoon. and there is a chance of showers tomorrow. >> thank you. >> and happening now san francisco sheriff is back on the job. the board of supervisors reinstated ross mirkarimi. today he met with his staff and is now working to transition back into his role as head of the sheriff's department. the mayor, ed lee blasted the supervisors. >> i'm disappointed at these four individual supervisors who i think found a way to finding an excuse this, is not
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what i believe to be qualities of holding the office of the sheriff of san francisco. >> nine supervisors would have had to approve the misconduct charge. the four who sided with him. >> there is some oakland businesses preparing for whatever might happen tonight. occupy oakland gets ready to celebrate. there is a protest goesing on over two month was many downtown businesses vandalized and hundred as rested. police and demonstrators clashed. this gathering is organizers saying they're holding a peaceful warning. and there is a group of protestors appearing to occupy
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a vacant building and they say at 5:00 they'll hold a rally. the home groups are just a statement of the criminal saigs of the homeless and fraudulent foreclosure autos south bay a school principle arrested for selling methamphetamine did not enter a plea. the 42-year-old appeared in court. he's the principal of montague elementary. police say he offered drugs to an under cover officer. and is due back in court. >> and water service should be coming back on in the castro district. they've been without power since 6:00 this morning. six square looks -- blocks were affected by this. the cause of the rupture is being investigated. >> happening now in florida there is a rescue effort unde
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underway at miami dade college. a parking garage under construction collapsed, killing a person and injuring 10 others. right now, crews working to free one person who is trapped and remains trapped in the rubble. authorities say that five story structure was nearly complete saying it's too early to tell what caused to it collapse. >> investigators are baffled today as how a boston man managed to get on to a plane with an arsenal of weapons. authorities took him into custody on friday after an l.a.x. customs agent noticed him wearing a bulletproof vest, flame retardant leggings and carrying a smoke grenade strong enough to fill a plane with smoke, police say they found a gas mask, led filled billy clubs knifes and a hashit packed in checked luggage. >> he had to go through screening to get on planes and why this didn't raise suspension with screeners we're trying to figure it out.
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>> he appeared in court yesterday. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen of chinese decent saying he was working in japan. his attorney told abc news he's highly intelligent and a diligent student with no criminal history. >> there is a little bit of relief at the purposes though don't get too excited. gas prices started to fall a little bit after a month of sudden surging in california this average $4.67 a gallon. >> big savings on air fare and deals you can get now. >> apple is making changes at the plant in china. >> and there is your questions on twitter and facebook will answer them here live just a little bit later, you can contact michael on
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it's official, san francisco has a target store. city target now open taking up the second floor of the metrion building different from other targets and it is tail youred to customers with small living lace spaiss. it's also trying something new, opening at 7:00 in the morning and today is what is called soft opening. the grand opening taking place on sunday. >> there is employers outlooking to hire hundreds of workers in the job journal hire event. there are schools looking to hire staff like uc berkeley and the art institute, organizers say the jobs report
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showing rate below 8% is encouraging. >> lower numbers going. better for everybody out of work that has been looking for work. i think it's -- it's very good. it's positive. >> and it will be on november 13th from 12 to 4:00 p.m. taking place at center concord. >> there is groopon's latest attempts and sobering news for hewlett-packard. we're live for those stories and more. >> china lenovo has taken over as the world's largest pc maker accounting for 15.7% of the global shipments in the third quarter compared to 15.5% it's slim but that exists for hp ending a
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six-year run and there is showing there is a slight edge with 15.9% of the share and there is either way, it's been gaining ground quickly in a pc market becoming challenging. and saying they continued to slump with the world wide market contracting 8.6%. also, microsoft ceo steve balmer getting a smaller bonus. according to filings it was $620,000. and this is about $60,000 than last year there is a ready
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samsung mobile confirmed the company will unveil a smaller version tomorrow that will have a four inch screen. same size as the iphone 5 and there is eastman kodak tries to emerge from bankruptcy. it will determine nate benefits resolving a liability. it's going to provide a unsecured claim to the economy. the deal subject to court approval. apple trying to reduce the amount of iphones being shipped with scratchers by cracking down on quality control. and this is also looking like it's moving off for just a moment in times you counter bid for metro pcs. saying because the time to
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analyze the planned combination. saying they may have had three months to bid before investors vote on a deal. it's a down day for markets. and there is shares of apple and google pulling it higher, and groupon began offering an app letting merchants track purchases it's part of a push to makeup for a slowing growth. monthly subdescriptions called bread crumb starts at $99. and at your bloomberg studios back to you. >> thank you. >> there are several airlines beginning a winter air fare
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war. there is the sale running just 72 hours, virgin airlines has one way prices for as low as $65, none of the sales are going to be valid for holiday travel. experts say carries are average $24 higher than last year. >> where should we go? >> go north. getting away from thunderstorms. >> true. >> there is this live view, most of the bay area is experiencing call weather and there is lots of blue skies here is a look at live doppler 7, you can see a picture down south there is a warning expected to expire in next few minutes by 4:30 because these are weakening and there is one
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over water and one into morgan hill area moving towards northwest. it's moving through santa clara and into santa cruz mountains here, there is a warning that will expire at 4:30 and there is appearing to be weakening. it's produced heavy down pours. there is a possibility of small hail stones as well. so there is most of the he mainder under calm conditions and milder and there are here in san francisco, 61 and 68 across the bay. these are the features there can with scattered showers mainly tonight into the south bay. a chance of thunderstorms diminish after the sun goes down. sprinkles possible thursday into saturday morning there is
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a warmer pattern sunday, tonight looking for low clouds around, temperatures into low 50s and there is low that's could drop into upper 40s, there are low that's brought us instability triggering thunderstorms that is lows drifting south ward, then eastward there is friday could kick up some snow. here in the bay area, tomorrow, friday, collides, mainly dry there. is a possibility of scattered sprinkles. highs into 60s and probably about 61 in antioch. 70s in fairfield. there is the accu-weather forecast. there is clouz after a
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possibility of morning showers, a warm up agains and there are highs into mid-80s again, it's not too late to win $49,000. these people want a chance to win. there is where you can enter, too. go to abc 7 news and click win 49,000 udz button taking you to a form to enter details. winner announced right here after the game on abc 7 next thursday, october 18th. >> there are friends asking me about it. >> that is it. >> you're on your own. >> thank you. thank you spencer. >> coming up, webster helped the world see a softer side of a football player, fans remember alex harris. >> cops called to lindsay
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could lindsay lohan be in trouble with the law again? and a double elimination on "dancing with the stars". >> actress lindsay lohan hitting headlines again this, time, for a reported fight
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between her and her mother. reports say there were calls to her childhood home this morning and her publicist is not commenting this, is her third run in in the past month. on dancing with the stars there is a double elimination, pinning home singer drew lachey. >> there is the racing community got overconfident saying he got this. >> and i'm not going to look back with regret. there is a great experience once again. >> there is danning with the stars returning next monday night. >> abc premiers its new country music drama. >> if you watch it you're going to be pleasantly thrilled with amazing music,
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you're going to love the music and you're going to love the story. >> and catch the middle, the neighbors and modern family. >> there is a widow fighting for her husband's honor and his pension. >> and there is a vice presidential candidates gearing up for tomorrow night's debate. >> and there is an investigation into last month's attack in liba. lapses
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this morning a pension hearing with broader implications than most. >> a decision whether to award a disability pension to a officer that was off duty on medical leave. >> sheriff deputy lost his life last year he was the first to die at the hands of a suspect in marin county in more than a century. but was it in the line of duty? the employee retirement association has questioned that because he was on medical leave at the time. at stake is a death disability, $50,000 in benefits for his wife. >> if you're on sick leave or
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vacation, if you're just off assignment you're still a peace officer. >> among those who run towards danger duty is a way of live. he died in july, 2011 when visiting a frin's house by a request. a man had been harassing her daughter she wanted advice from a deputy sheriff. that suspect entered the property and shot him to death when he confronted him. the catch, math yison had been off on medical leave. that made no difference to the sheriff department, 650 officers and 2000 people attended his funeral. today, in a meeting room a few yards away the pension board which approved funds was forced by state law to do so again in, public, that is where it got sticky. an attorney argued his family
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did not deserve death benefits. >> he did respond but as a friend. he came out of uniform without his weapon. in fact he took no step if he were acting in of course of his employment as a deputy. >> and the mayor questioning angering fire and law enforcement agencies. among them, san rafael fire captain. >> when you put a badge on the chest it's unique people that do it. we'd still probably act the same it's just best when you have support. >> the board voted to grant full benefits, one vote short of unanimous, she should begin receiving benefits by next month. >> wayne freedman reporting. >> there is a day before the vice presidential debate both candidates are doing their
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home work, studying one another. abc news is in kentucky. >> there is tomorrow night in kentucky they scare off in a high stakes debate but action on the trail had been just over the border in ohio. >> if you vote for me, ohio going to let you be the next president of the united states. >> shols show romney got a boost, and has been campaigning. >> that taxes on middle income people. i won't raise taxes on the person people. >> there is no republican that won without winning there. a new poll of voters shows the president's lead slung to four points. and there is last night, slamming romney. >> we reinvented a dying auto industry supporting one in eight ohio jobs. >> with the race tightening
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the showdown has greater stakes vice president biden expected to come out and challenge ryan. >> i've been doing mostly is frankly studying up on congressman ryan's position. on the issues. i don't want to say anything that is not accurate. >> and the. >> joe is just going to come flying at us. it's -- it seems clear this strategy is just calling us liars. and this is to go into a mud pit. >> both are well versed on policy issues so a challenge both may be trying to explain without getting too into the weeds and turning off voters at home. >> there is abc 7 broadcasting the live debate tomorrow night at 6:00 and after that the new drama "last resort".
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at 10 there is a special presentation of what would you do. >> and race for white house takes center stage tonight on world news at 5:30 here on abc 7 there is some key issues and mitt romney's recent statement on abortion. >> this is another example of governor romney hiding positions he's been campaigning on for a year and a half. governor romney made very clear that if there is a will coming to his desk overturning roe versus wade he will be supportive of that. he said he ill -- i will appoint justice that's will overturn roe versus wad ee. and congressional hearing on capitol hill today focused on what happened during the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month.
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>> in a hearing before the house oversight committee members of congress pushed officials on failures that led to the attack on the u.s. consulate but there were more questions than answers like how this attack began. >> were any reports saying there is a protest? >> there were reports coming out that they're protest that's day and that we received saying there were protests. i will not go farther than that. and there are things evolved. >> it left four dead including chris stevens. >> security was a struggle throughout my time there. the situation remained uncertain. reports from some indicated waits getting worse. >> this tragic event turned political. some same republican congress men also voted to cut millions in security spendings for the state department and its
4:37 pm
embassies. white house wait waeed in today. >> we've provided information based on facts based on assessments. and there is not opinions. >> they admitted it was not a protest against an antimuslim film but an unprecedented attack surpassing even this. al qaeda bombing on u.s. embassy in kenya 14 years ago. one congressman did request funding cut for security should be immediately restored. >> a southern california man behind an antimuslim film told a judge did he not violate his probation. claiming he had eight probation violations. a judge set another hearing highways been on probation since a bank fraud conviction.
4:38 pm
he went into hiding after a trailer for a movie was posted on you tube, that sparked anger across the muslim world. there is a religious figure offering a $300,000 bounty to anyone who kills yusef. >> still to come at 4:00 a job seeker told she's too fat to work. the job she's trying to get and why it's legal for the company to turn her away. >> and there is a view right now indicating calm weather conditions around the bay area but there are norms spots. where in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> i'm michael finney. today is still taking questions on twitter and facebook, you can contact me right now. and there is
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unusual weather and now, thunder. >> spencer christian is tracking it for us. >> there is a look where we've had active weather throughout the afternoon. there is a storm cell skb one moving into the santa cruz mountains now. it's passing just south of los gatos, there are heavy down pours. there is a warning at 5:00 p.m. this is moving west northwest and there is moving towards
4:42 pm
boulder creek at about the fe. couple minutes there is still a significant event. tomorrow, state wide there is calm conditions and showers as that upper level low providing our activities today will trigger showers in southern california tomorrow, high temperatures here in the bay area there are cloudy skies and a cool day tomorrow not much in the way of sunshine until gou into the north bay and into inland east bay there is a much cooler and cloudier day tomorrow. >> thank you. >> and a california woman claims she got turned down for a job in a restaurant because of her weight. the 20-year-old jennifer rogers applied at a place called tilted kilt because the skirt they'd require employees to wear was a size too small.
4:43 pm
rogers says rejection was upsetting and it's not fair. >> i cannot work there because of, i couldn't wear the uniform, everyone is perfect the way they are. and we should bt have to look a certain way. >> we have costume requirements the girls he need to fill. they're hired as entertainers. not server autos there is no lou lau preventing hiring discrimination based on body type there. is a special clause protecting tilted kilt hiring decision that means businesses like tilted kilt can legally not hire people that do not fit their brand. >> you can you can make money off your health. >> and a warning about pets y you may want to think twice before giving your pooch a smooch. >> first, consolidating student loans. coming up
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it's final, giants tied up the series with the reds. the they won by a score of-3. and there is giants winning 8-3. game five, tomorrow this cincinnati. and there is alex caris passed
4:47 pm
away, earning a reputation as one of the most-feared dpeensive players and played a memorable role in the movie "blazing saddles". and he had suffered kidney failure diagnosed with dementia. he was 77 years old. >> people love their pets, but some forms of affection could be dangerous for you and your furry friend accord owing-to-a new report. researchers say one thing you should never do is kiss your pet that. can cause an exchange of harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay for you and the pooch. researchers looking into why adhd appears to be on the rise in the u.s.. there is a study finds
4:48 pm
children that are exposed to higher risk of mercury were more at risk to adhd. >> and new research shows companies are paying up to get their employees to lose weight or quit smoking. human resources firm towers watson says 61% offer bonus related financial awards up from 54% in 2011. this is showing 20% now assessing financial penalties. critics say that invokes big brother. >> toyota recalling 7.5 million cars because of a problem with power windows. this is toyota saying the switch can cause friction and sometimes, smoke. it affects two million autos here in the u.s.. including yaris, core yol yoa,
4:49 pm
rav 4, highlander, sequoia, so far no crashes or injuries reported. >> there is a first question comes from devon who wants to know is the california telephone access program legitimate? i would like my father to get a phone for the hearing impaired. >> it is legitimate. it seems like a great deal, like okay, who are these guys? the guys are the cpuc and this is legitimate. we pay into it providing those with the need of sight issues or hearing issues or getting around issues can get a phone to use. what you have to do is be, have one of those issues then be subscribed to phone and live in the state of california. >> there is judith wants to
4:50 pm
know our school has school loans and needs to pay them back. >> that is a great question. people don't know you can take loans and there is education department will allow you to combine the loans and then, end up with a brand new loan. good thing is that you can stretch oit making payments lower and you'll find you can get a lower interest rate. go to the department of education and check it out. you ought to be able to get a much better deal. and do you have an iphone 5 yet? >> no. >> okay. if you want one you may be asking how long will have to wait to get a discount? prediction is today... four months and that is a after
4:51 pm
looking at other i've yoins saying first discounted iphones will be refurbished models about $50 off maybe up to 99s skpdz available in four months. >> there is what you'd call late adoptor autos yes. i prefer late adoptor. >> right. right. kind of the same thing. >> four months at the least for you. >> all right. thank you. >> there is still to come another scientists just won a nobel prize and a. er whose work could lead to better medicine. >> and you've heard about swimming with the dolphins? how about with tigers? the new trend raising lots of
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a stanford stunned this morning winning a nobel prize in chemistry. he share that's honor with duke medical center's robert
4:55 pm
levkovitz. >> the phone call came at 2:30 this morning and he answered the call, told by the royal swedish academy of sciences he and robert lefkowitz won the nobel prize. >> probably more towards crying just hard to believe. yes. >> he had been studying proteins more than a decade. starting at duke university and then, at stanford. because he was curious and he and his wife had a sense it was a big deal. his wife realized it. >> he said i didn't think it was going to work but here it s everyone huh? they sat up. and that gave me an idea it was a big thing. after that ef one wanted to know about it. >> his research explained body
4:56 pm
of communication system and his discoveries involving g protein receptors could change hoi we treat disease in the future. >> i hope is that we'll be able to use these structures to develop more safer, selective drugs more economically he said he lost funding owe sources because prot jekt wasn't moving along fast enough and in a news conference, he gave stanford university a lot of credit for believing in him. >> being here, you can have ideas others might think are crazy and people will try to help you do them. >> and he says he's proud to have won the award. >> forget about swimming with dolphins or alligators which
4:57 pm
is a trend that is growing. there is a private zoo letting people swim with tiger autos and it's aloug adviseors to swim with this 6-month-old siberian tiger named tony. there is a paddle that costs to00. >> i never thought i'd get to touch one, much less swim with one. trying to keep up is just exciting. >> there are animal rights activists say people should not have close contact with wild animals. he looks like a cute cat right there. >> he look as dorable. >> right. when will he turn on you? it doesn't seem wise. >> yes, not a good idea. >> and want to remind but our alarm clock app you can down load free and receive
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headlines the second you wake up. >> thank you, police may have made a major break in the hercules murder mystery. details may connect the suspect to a violent murder spree. >> there is tracking severe thunderstorm now, i'll have details coming up. >> and playoff fever sweeping both sides of the bay as giants tied up the series today and a's hope to do the same thing. >> and good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> a severe thunderstorm warning in affect for the south bay at this hour. >> sandhya patel is tracking it on radar and here with the latest on it. >> there is so far reports have been up to three quarters to an inch in diameter of hail. severe thunderstorm warning now in effect it expires at 5:00 p.m. so unless this gets extended and covers santa clara
4:59 pm
counties. you can sigh that cell is beginning to die down. i want to pull out and show what you is coming up. there are lightning strikes showing up. just around southeast of salinas here, i'm tracking those as well. and as we loop this, you'll notice moisture is moving west so. this is coming in from south and moving west towards jant cruz mountains. i want to show you this area that is heading west. this is heavy rain you may encounter. there is heavy rain just west of los gatos. there are reports of hail once again this, is a picture of hail near gilroy. once again there is a severe thunderstorm warning expiring and there is this loop here, watch out there are strikes southeast and there is our own rar,

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